Is Flight Training Right For You?


Airplane Flight Training

Is Airplane Flight Training Right for You?

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Tampa Bay Aviation accommodates all of our students by making training accessible to a wide range of lifestyles. Our training is one on one with an FAA-certified instructor. This means that you can train as much or as little as you would like! For career-oriented individuals, we recommend building a full-time schedule with flights 3-5 times a week.

Technologically Advanced Aircraft Flight Training
Technologically Advanced Aircraft Flight Training


Tampa Bay Aviation is one of the few aircraft training companies in the area to offer TAA Training. Take your flight training to new heights with our advanced cockpit flight training program.

Learn advanced systems that will put your skills above the rest with patented safety features along the way. The SR22 is equipped with the Garmin Perspective panel, Synthetic Vision, XM weather and radio, autopilot, and thankfully, air conditioning. While highly advanced glass systems may be intimidating to some, their ease of use once learned does not require any additional familiarization other than that of conventional steam gauge aircraft.

TAA options are available in each of our flight training programs listed above.

Whether you are looking for a career in aviation or plan to purchase a newer airplane (most planes built after 2005 are glass cockpits), the TAA training course will make you a safer, more confident pilot.


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Are you interested in financing Career Training?
If you are a student pursuing a professional pilot career or a flight school specializing in commercial or accelerated training, we suggest you take a few minutes to review all of the Career Training FAQs, by clicking the link below.

We Fly is an aviation finance program that was created to give We Florida Financial Members a way to access exceptional financing options to help them achieve their piloting dreams. Our aviation loans are designed to help cover all aspects of aviation including:

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  • Be at least 17 years old.
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  • Pass a required knowledge test.
  • Pass a required oral and practical flight test administered by a FAA designated examiner.
  • Hold either a student or sport pilot certificate.
  • Get a Third Class Medical Certificate.

IN THE AIR – The FAA  requires a minimum of 35 Hours Total Flight Time with 20 Hours Flight Instruction. However, many students require more time. There’s no rush and we won’t push you to complete your training until you’re ready. Our students average around 60 total hours of training.

ON THE GROUND – 35 Hours Ground Instruction

TIMELINE- The more frequently you fly, the faster you will complete your training. Our schedule is flexible and is one on one with an instructor. This means that you are able to build your own schedule and go at your own pace. We suggest flying 2-3 times per week which averages about 4-6 months of training. 

The price will vary greatly on what you fly and how long it takes you to complete each rating. Our aircraft range from $120/hour to $335/hour depending on the model and avionics. There is no set price for training since it all depends on how long it takes each individual person. The above price breakdowns are based on the minimum number of hours, so it will most likely not reflect the actual price.

We suggest flying a minimum of 2-3 times a week in order to progress through your training efficiently. Our schedule allows for a customize-able schedule which allows you to choose your own class times and pace! 

We have a couple of different payment options available!

PAY AS YOU GO- This option allows you to pay after each lesson. The lesson prices will vary depending on what you work on each day and how long you are in the plane/with your instructor.

BLOCK RATES- Our block rates allow you to put money down on your account via cash or check to receive a discount on the hourly rate of the aircraft. We will draw from your deposit each time you fly and let you know when uou are running low.

FINANCING- We work with Flight Training Finance, We Florida Financial, and Stratus Financial to help finance your training. Get more information on these companies on our Financing page!

To be an airline pilot you will need to hold an Airline Transport Pilot rating, however there are a few steps to take before you get there! 
Below we have outlined the most common way that we see people reach their airline pilot goals!

PRIVATE- First you will need to get your private pilot license. This allows you to rent an aircraft and go fly when the weather is looking good! 

INSTRUMENT- After your private pilot rating you will get your instrument rating. This adds on an extra level of safety by teaching you how to fly in in-climate weather  and through clouds with no reference to the ground. During your instrument rating you will also learn how to fly on a flight plan and shoot approaches to an airport in low visibility situations! 

COMMERCIAL- The next step is to get your commercial rating. This rating allows you to fly for hire, however you will not have enough time or experience to be able to go fly for the airlines yet. At this point you will have about 250 hours worth of flight time.

CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR- Your flight instructor rating allows you to teach others how to fly while building your hours toward the airline minimums (1500 hours). 

AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT- After building up your time as a flight instructor, you can get hired on by an airline that will then pay for your airline transport pilot ratings and give you a type rating in the aircraft that they fly. You will need 25 hours of multi engine time prior to being hired on at the airlines which most people acquire either after their commercial as an add on rating or as a flight instructor in a multi engine aircraft.