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Unlike other flight schools, Tampa Bay Aviation offers twice the amount of aircraft and instructors which allows for better flexibility in your schedule to train and build up the flight hours that you need to attain your license. You’ll find that our highly professional culture is very friendly, approachable, and sociable, giving you the ability to feel at ease as you complete your training.

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Our Story

Tampa Bay Aviation began in 2012 with one helicopter and the dream to expand general aviation and the passion for flight to the Tampa Bay area. Since that time, we have grown to four locations providing charter, flight instruction, tours, and aircraft maintenance. It is our desire to maintain the “local” company presence, with the “global” reach that today’s aviation customers demand.

Our flight school fleet includes some of the most cutting-edge aircraft with advanced cockpits on par with commercial airliners. Our pilots and instructors are some of the most respected in the area, with the knowledge and experience for every level.

Tampa Bay Aviation has an aircraft for almost every mission and budget. From a helicopter that can drop you on the golf course to the largest King Air turboprop to reach halfway across the United States. Our CitationJet can whisk you away to hundreds of locations in the southeast and is one fuel stop away from the western US.

Whether you want to accomplish your lifetime dream to become a pilot, tour our beaches from the air, or charter a private aircraft to your own paradise, Tampa Bay Aviation can serve your needs.

Our Four Locations

Tampa Bay Aviation offers Private to ATP training in Fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Aircraft

Clearwater Airport

1000 North Hercules Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Phone: 727-461-5229


540 1st Street Southeast
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: (727) 461-5229


14609 Airport Parkway #210
Clearwater, Fl 33762


6530 Tampa Executive Airport Rd #242
Tampa, FL 33610

Meet the Crew


Airplane Flight Instructor

Jacob was born and raised in Tampa, FL and has always had a passion for aviation. After graduating from UCF with a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and studying the theory of flight, he decided applying his knowledge as a pilot would be a more rewarding career. Jacob completed all of his training right here at Tampa Bay Aviation and hopes to introduce his students to the benefits of general aviation while exploring the bay area from the above.

Jacob has the following ratings:

  • Certified Flight Instructor: Airplane CFI, CFII


Helicopter Flight Instructor

Bill was born and raised in Michigan. After five years in the military, he worked EMS as a civilian where his passion for aviation began. He completed his flight training in Idaho, but is excited to instruct in sunny Florida. Bill’s long term goal in aviation is to work as a pilot in EMS or utility operations.

Bill has the following ratings:

  • Certified Flight Instructor: Helicopter CFI, CFII


Helicopter Flight Instructor

Jackson was born in Florida, and lived in Florida until he graduated from college and directly after joined the US Navy and became an EOD Technician. He spent six years in the service where he was introduced to helicopters. He plans fly for the oil rigs and see where his career takes him after that.

Jack has the following ratings:

  • Commercial- Helicopter
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)- Helicopter

Peter Kovach

Airplane Flight Instructor

Peter was born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio suburbs and comes from a family of aviators. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and flight ratings from Kent State University, where he also worked as a part of their Line crew. After graduating, Peter moved to the Tampa Bay area to complete his Flight Instructor ratings. Outside of aviation, Peter loves skiing and taking care of animals. He used to work on a farm looking after alpacas and camels to name a few of the animals Peter has looked after.

Zach Widener

Airplane Flight Instructor

Zach grew up in South Carolina where he attended The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina graduating in 2022. Upon graduation he worked in the construction industry before realizing how he could make a career out of flying. Aviation has always sparked his interest and after the first introductory flight he was hooked. Zach completed his flight training in the Tampa Bay Area out of St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport. Teaching others his passion has always been a goal of his and he is committed to being the best instructor he can.

Will Shropshire

Airplane Flight Instructor

Will was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was always been interested in the world of aviation, but he never planned on making it a career until his college roommate took him up for an area flight in 2020. After that flight, Will was hooked on the idea that airplanes needed to be apart of his life forever. Will started flight training in September of 2020 and graduated from Louisiana Tech University with his CFI in May of 2023. After graduating from Tech, he was granted the opportunity to start flight instructing out of the Ruston Regional Airport for the summer, where he gained a large amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to the ins and outs of teaching from the right seat. Will’s overall goal for his career is to continue flying any aircraft he is given the opportunity to fly no matter the size or speed.

Cullen Moorhead

Airplane Flight Instructor

Growing up underneath the approach path for St. Pete Clearwater airport, Cullen has always been looking to the skies! He took a discovery flight with Tampa Bay Aviation in 2020 and has since completed all of his ratings with TBA while also enrolled at the University of South Florida, where he has since graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and criminology. Outside of aviation, he loves exploring Tampa and enjoys all things the area has to offer!

Nikita Sidun

Airplane Flight Instructor

Nikita was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and from a young age was always interested in aviation. At the age of 18, he began learning to fly at his local part 141 school near home and achieved all of his ratings up to Commercial single engine. Upon moving to Florida, he joined Tampa Bay Aviation to get his CFI rating and begin his career in aviation.

Julian Eisenreich

Helicopter Flight Instructor

Originally from Austria and raised in Germany, Julian discovered his passion for aviation while he lived in Australia. Julian aspires to blend his professional expertise with a touch of adventure. His dream? Soaring above the breathtaking landscapes of Hawaii, integrating the thrill of flying with the laid-back rhythm of surfing, and making it a daily reality.

Elizabeth Ewald

Certified Flight Instructor

Elizabeth was born and raised in Alaska. She went to college in Oregon where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Technology. Having always had an interest in aviation she was inspired by her husband and toddler to take the leap into aviation as a career. She completed all of her training at Tampa Bay Aviation. She looks forward to helping future pilots reach their aviation goals through instruction and mentorship.


Elizabeth holds the following ratings: CFI ASEL Commercial ASEL Commercial AMEL

Luis Chavez

Growing up in Tampa, the constant buzz of general aviation aircraft overhead always had Luis curious. While on vacation in New Zealand he was able to take a helicopter tour to a glacier, where he was hooked and knew aviation was for him. He is working towards becoming a CFI and would like to someday work in utility, fire, or EMS.

Ryan Phillips

Ryan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Upon completing high school he attended Purdue University in fall 2021 for a year before deciding to pursue aviation. He met a pilot in spring 2022 who opened my eyes to aviation and has been hooked ever since. His goal is to one day be a pilot for a major airline flying all around the world.

Grace Cochonour

Certified Flight Instructor

Grace grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. She graduated from Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation in 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Flight Science where, she completed her PPL, IR, Commercial ASEL & AMEL. After graduation, Grace moved to the Tampa Bay area to complete her CFI. She is excited to share her passion for aviation and train the next generation of pilots.

Hunter Bessey

Instructor Tour

Hunter was born in Tennessee and raised in Missouri. When he’s not flying, he enjoys mountain biking, fishing, and anything outdoors. With a dad in the Army, he was exposed to aviation at a young age through many air shows on base. At age 18, he moved to Utah and quickly reignited his passion for aviation. After obtaining his CFI, he sought out a new adventure which led him and his wife to Tampa where he hopes to also help others discover their passion for flying and succeed as professional pilots.

Sarabjeet Kaur

Certified Flight Instructor

Sarabjeet Kaur was born in India, but her career has taken her all over the world, giving her the opportunity to experience many different cultures and nationalities. Growing up, she always dreamed of working in aviation and started her career at a young age as a flight attendant with Qatar Airways, where she had the privilege to travel extensively around the globe Since her ultimate goal was to become a pilot, she left Qatar Airways to pursue flight training in 2019 and obtained her commercial single-engine and multi-engine licenses, then worked as a contractor for a charter company, flying PC-12 aircraft. Later on, she decided to become a certified flight instructor, and is thrilled to now be part of the Tampa Bay Aviation team. Commercial ASEL and CFI

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