Is Flight Training Right For You?


Instrument Pilot Training

Tampa Bay Aviation’s instrument program will take any pilot to a level of safety and proficiency greater than that achieved through the private pilot program.



Instrument Training Program Pricing

An Instrument Rating (IR) will take safety and proficiency to the next level. Obtaining an instrument rating will make for a better pilot, reduce insurance premiums and is more marketable, as most aviation employers require their pilots to be instrument rated. The FAA minimum requirements for pilots under part 141 regulations are 35 hours of dual flight time and a long cross country flight over 250 nautical miles. Most students take advantage of the opportunity to obtain an instrument rating while building time towards a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL). This rating also requires a minimum of a third class medical.


$ 10,435
  • Steam Gauge
  • Aircraft Rental (**35 hours)
  • Flight Instruction (**35 hours)
  • Private Pilot CPC Kit
  • *FAA Check Ride
  • *FAA Written Exam
  • Ground Instruction (10 hours)

CESSNA 172S G1000

$ 11,065
  • Aircraft Rental (**35 hours)
  • Flight Instruction (**35 hours)
  • Materials (charts, books)
  • *FAA Check Ride
  • *FAA Written Exam
  • Ground Instruction (10 hours)

What Others Are Saying

“I absolutely CANNOT say enough good things about this operation! Just got my CFI from them, and had fun doing it (which I’m told is not a common phenomenon). It took minimal time, and the cost was about what you’d expect to pay at American Flyers, or ATP for CFI. However, the quality of training you will receive here will far exceed the standard of the “pilot mills”. Larry was my primary instructor but I also flew with Josh, Durant and Mike, all of whom were very knowledgeable and professional (in addition being “down to earth”, and cool). Look no further than these guys for all of your flight training needs! They’re awesome!!!” - Damian W.
“Known to be one of the best Part 61 Flight Schools for a reason! Tampa Bay Aviation, headquartered at Clearwater Airpark boasts an amazing fleet of fixed wing and rotor craft aircraft, that are always kept in excellent condition and ready to fly at a moments notice. This flight school has the best team of Certified Flight Instructor’s I have ever trained with. Taking into account the excellent rental rates for quality aircraft, with highly experienced staff, it is truly safe to say Tampa Bay Aviation is one of the top Flight Schools in the nation!” ~ Jose A.
“Tampa Bay Aviation is an excellent operation. My son did his flight training here last summer and earned his Private Pilot License, and it inspired me to learn to fly as well. The instructors are excellent, the aircraft are up to date and the staff is friendly and helpful. We have recommended them to several friends and they have had excellent experiences as well. Overall, it is a great place to fly. i HIGHLY recommend it!” - Eric M.
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  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Hold a private pilot certificate
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  • Pass a required oral and practical flight test administered by a FAA designated examiner.
  • Hold at least a Third Class Medical Certificate

IN THE AIR – The FAA requires a minimum of 35 Hours Total Flight Time with 15 Hours Flight Instruction. However, many students require more time. There’s no rush and we won’t push you to complete your training until you’re ready. Our students average around 50 total hours of training.

ON THE GROUND – 35 Hours Ground Instruction

TIMELINE- The more frequently you fly, the faster you will complete your training. Our schedule is flexible and is one on one with an instructor. This means that you are able to build your own schedule and go at your own pace. We suggest flying 2-3 times per week which averages about 4-6 months of training. 

We have a couple of different payment options available!

PAY AS YOU GO- This option allows you to pay after each lesson. The lesson prices will vary depending on what you work on each day and how long you are in the plane/with your instructor.

BLOCK RATES- Our block rates allow you to put money down on your account via cash or check to receive a discount on the hourly rate of the aircraft. We will draw from your deposit each time you fly and let you know when uou are running low.

FINANCING- We work with Flight Training Finance, We Florida Financial, and Stratus Financial to help finance your training. Get more information on these companies on our FINANCING page!

Questions About Flight Training?

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