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2006 Cessna 172S Nav III N878SA

Cessna 172S G1000

2006 Cessna 172S Nav III N878SA


$195/Hour (wet)




Our 2006 Cessna 172S G1000 is IFR equipped with an integrated auto pilot and a Lycoming IO-360 engine. Enhance situational awareness with traffic and terrain awareness systems. Perfect for cross country and instrument training. This airplane has many features including the G1000 system with traffic and terrain, electric trim, and autopilot. An upgraded 180 HP engine makes VFR and IFR flying easier and more efficient. Pilot and passengers will enjoy comfortable leather seats while flying in an air conditioned aircraft, which makes flying all around more enjoyable in Florida.

Equipment & Accessories

• 180 HP Engine
• Air Conditioning
• Backup instruments and a standby battery for G1000.
• Interior – Leather seats


  • G1000 system with traffic and terrain awareness system and integrated transponder
  • IFR equipped with a current database
  • KAP 140 autopilot that is coupled to the G1000

All rates are per hour with actual rate depending on block rate you qualify for.

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